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Retaining Wall Concrete Sleepers

It would be no surprise if you expected retaining wall concrete sleepers to just be boring and grey, but quite the opposite is true.

Retaining wall concrete sleepers have come a long way since then and can now be bought in various colours, sizes and even textures, such as slate, timber and block style.

We stock a huge range of reinforced retaining wall concrete sleepers, and they can be delivered anywhere that you need them to go.

In some instances, we can even supply factory seconds if you have a budget to work within.

We can also supply a full range of Galvanised Steel Posts which are used for supporting the sleepers.

The posts are available in a range of different lengths to suit your wall height. Also available are the “C” section End Post and the ”H” section Joiner Post. We can also supply 45 degree and 90 degree Corner Posts.

  • Various colours
  • Termite free
  • Selection of sizes
  • Smooth and textured finishes
  • Versatile and durable
  • Personalised quotes available
  • Full range of Galvanised Steel posts

Look no further for your retaining wall concrete sleepers, we are sure to have something within our range to suit your needs.

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Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers

Concrete Retaining Wall Sleepers

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Galvanised Steel Posts

Galvanised Steel Posts

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