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Adbri Versaloc Full End 400x190x200mm

Brand: ADBRI

This Adbri Versaloc Full End Block is the ideal solution for the end of your Versalock walls with space for steel reinforcing bars to be added for strength.

Free delivery for all Adbri orders over 3 tonne to Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

  • Vertical Block Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Planter Boxes
  • Fences
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Units / Pallets: 72
No. / Tonne: 64
Length: 400mm
Width: 190mm
Height: 200mm
  • Versaloc NaturalNatural
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  • Ex Tax: $3.95

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This dry stack wall construction system is a groundbreaking solution for your landscape improvement projects. Mortar is not needed as the blocks simply stack together, for a fast and effortless wall project. 

This cutting edge patent pending system is the result of years’ worth of product research and planning to produce an innovative Dry Stack wall-building system. The Versaloc® system offers bigger benefits over conventional block work, other types of Dry Stack products, tilt slabs and other kinds of wall systems.

The most significant benefit of the Versaloc® system is the boost in productivity that it brings to construction workers and fitters. Substantial savings of time lead to higher cost savings for your bottom line and increased business profit. These time savings enable you to complete your projects faster or handle additional projects with your current workforce. 

The Versaloc® Walling System facilitates quick construction times with little bracing and formwork support requirements. The Versaloc® Walling system is suitable for both massive commercial use projects and residential construction work that need an adaptable and adjustable wall building solution.

Boost your productivity and profit by using the Versaloc® Walling System in your upcoming project.


The Versaloc® Walling System is designed for various residential, commercial and industrial uses including:

  • Retaining walls
  • Basement wall and exterior wall construction*
  • Swimming pool wall construction*
  • Constructions that require a cyclone rating*
  • Heavy duty load-bearing walls
  • Multi-storied commercial and residential projects
  • Shared dividing walls and boundary wall construction*
  • Underwater stormwater detention tank construction
  • Upright block walls
  • Garden boxes
  • Straight wall construction
  • Lawn fences and sheds
  • Soil retaining walls and garden retaining walls

*Note: External walls using Versaloc® must be weatherproofed.


  • No need for mortar – save time, money and effort in cleaning mess 
  • Precise bevel detail for a polished wall finish
  • Construct your own unreinforced walls up to 600mm in height and higher with proper engineering advice
  • Dry Stack wall system
  • Fast building process
  • 3-hour fire-resistance rating*
  • First course does not require formwork
  • Build even during harsh weather
  • One-of-a-kind interlocking feature
  • Substantially decrease the amount of mess in work site 
  • Detailed bevel design comes with shadow lines
  • No need for termite control products
  • Ready to use for building
  • Optimal flow for better core fill
  • Stronger unit to unit interlocking force
  • Eliminates the need to hose out cores of blocks

 *The 3 hour fire-resistance rating is for the Versaloc® 200mm series.

Maximum Unreinforced Height

  • 600mm + Cap (3 courses)

IMPORTANT: Consult with a licenced engineer for advice and plans when constructing a wall that goes beyond the declared maximum unreinforced gravity height and in areas where soil capacity or load pressures are not available. Always check with your local council if approval is required before any construction commences.

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