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Adbri Tango Block 300x150x100mm

Brand: ADBRI

What makes this Adbri Tango Block versatile is its unique T shape. Use it to build your fences, outdoor living areas, benches and retaining walls.

This unique T shape is capable of many different and practical applications, and can also be used on existing pads and pavements. Let your creativity loose with any of your weekend projects.

Free delivery for all Adbri orders over 3 tonne to Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

  • Retaining Walls
  • Free Standing Walls
  • Doubled Sided Walls
  • Landscape Edging
  • Lawn Fences
  • Fireplaces
  • Bench Seating
  • Piers
  • Living Areas
Availability: In Stock
Std Cost: 6.9800
Units / Pallets: 192
No. / Tonne: 98
Length: 300mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 100mm
  • Tango Block CharcoalCharcoal
  • Tango Block OatmealOatmeal

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Tap your creative skills and breathe life into your patio with the double-faced DIY-friendly seating wall system, Tango! Enclose your courtyard, erect posts or construct fences with this single block! For a wall construction project over the weekend, simply stack on top of a paved surface then top off the wall with Adbri pavers!


  • All-around block that does it all!
  • Construct right above paved surfaces without excavating
  • DIY-friendly and very easy to use = no concrete, glue or mortar

Maximum Unreinforced Height

  • Wall height 600mm (6 courses)
  • Pier height 800mm (8 courses)

IMPORTANT: Consult with a licenced engineer for advice and plans when constructing a wall that goes beyond the declared maximum unreinforced gravity height and in areas where soil capacity or load pressures are not available. Always check with your local council if approval is required before any construction commences.

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