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Adbri Natural Impressions Flagstone Cap 300x200x50mm

Brand: ADBRI

With its smooth top and textured edge, the Adbri Natural Impressions Flagstone Cap is the finishing touch you need for your natural looking garden walls.

Free delivery for all Adbri orders over 3 tonne to Brisbane, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

  • Step Back Walls
  • Straight Walls
  • Circular Walls
  • Curved Walls
  • Landscape Edging
  • Garden Steps
  • Garden Boxes
  • Vegetable Gardens
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Product Code:
Units / Pallets: 216
No. / Tonne: 152
No. / Metre: 3.33
Length: 300mm
Width: 200mm
Height: 50mm
  • Natural Impressions BluestoneBLUESTONE
  • Natural Impressions IronstoneIRONSTONE
  • Natural Impressions SandstoneSANDSTONE

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Flagstone is an exceptional, easy to use and DIY-friendly multi-piece wall system with five block profiles that, when stacked together, gives the look of a natural stone wall.


  • Ideal for DIY projects with ‘rear lip’ system for easier stacking of blocks
  • Perfectly blended hues give a natural stone impression
  • Construct unreinforced walls up to 700mm in height or greater with advice from an engineer

Maximum Unreinforced Height

  • 700mm + Cap (7 courses)

IMPORTANT: Consult with a licenced engineer for advice and plans when constructing a wall that goes beyond the declared maximum unreinforced gravity height and in areas where soil capacity or load pressures are not available. Always check with your local council if approval is required before any construction commences.

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