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Claypave Tumbled Dry Press Solid Brick 230x115x75mm

Brand: Claypave

Get that rustic look with Claypave Tumbled Dry Press Bricks, featuring a rough texture, uneven edges and mottled patterns topped off with a warm aged finish.

Claypave’s Tumbled Brick is produced by mixing unfired bricks prior to putting them in the kiln. This collection features a cosy weathered appearance.

Delivery to Brisbane Ipswich and Gold Coast only. Please contact our Sales Team for a delivery quote for all other areas.

Important: Please check product availability before ordering, or contact our sales staff by email or phone (02) 66712206.

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Pool Areas
  • Outdoor Areas
Availability: In Stock
Units / Pallets: 500
No. / Tonne: 271
No. / Metre: 53.00
Length: 230mm
Width: 115mm
Height: 75mm

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